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Sex blog #13

Medically Reviewed by real doctor.
Sometimes it's difficult being a man. Male sexuality is pretty straightforward but for women it's very different.
A few tips for men may help. Here's an insight by the experts into the female mind and body to help make sure sex is good for both of you.
Not just thinking of chocolates and flowers, but women do like their partners to be thoughtful. "The main complaint I get is women aren't wooed enough," says psychosexual therapist Denise Knowles. "Kissing - what happened to that?"
Denise, who works for the counselling organisation Relate, says men need to build day-to-day intimacies like kissing and touching into everyday life.
"Most men seem to think if you have a kiss it's a prelude to sex," she says. "You have to maintain a level of intimacy in general that doesn't always lead to sex."
Wellbeing expert, Naomi Martell says: "Be thoughtful towards your partner. It could be as simple as making a cup of tea for her in the morning."

Tip 2: Right time, right place

If you have a spare 10 minutes between shopping and picking up the kids, that could be a window of opportunity for sex for some men. Many women may prefer more time to get in the mood.

Sex expert and best-selling author Tracey Cox says: "Because of hormones, women feel like sex lots at certain times of the month and less (or not at all) at others. Men’s sex drives tend to be more consistent and more spontaneous."

"Sometimes women do want a quickie but sometimes women want a man to take their time and for the man to take an interest in them," says Denise.
"Men can have an appalling lack of timing," she says. "They don't seem to realise that you can't jump from changing a dirty nappy or reading Goldilocks and The Three Bears to having sex straight away."

Tip 3: Try something new

Denise says: "If you have been in a relationship for a while men can use the same pattern in sex. It's a bit same old, same old. You can almost predict exactly what’s coming next."
She says men can treat sex as more of a process rather than a pleasure.
Do something different, surprise her, she suggests.

Tip 4: Different women like different things

Men can assume that what works for one woman works for all women. That's not the case. What feels

Women are different shapes and sizes and have different personalities! What your ex-girlfriend liked may not be what your new lover likes.

"It's true men are interested in certain parts of a woman in bed," says Denise.
amazing to one woman may be excruciating to another.

Tip 5: Keep it clean

This is pretty basic, but it helps to remind some men to keep it clean.

Naomi says: "It can be a horrible, massive turn-off if you're not clean and it could put a woman off sex with you altogether."
Tracey says when it comes to touching a woman's delicate parts, it’s important to make sure you've washed your hands. She suggests also making sure that your fingermails are trimmed short.

Tip 6: Don't chase an orgasm every time

Our experts say some men may think of sex like a mission. They break it down into steps: erection, foreplay, penetration and the main objective - the orgasm.
Men are usually able to orgasm but many women do not orgasm through penetrative sex alone.
Tracey says: "In one survey of more than 500 women, just 6% of women said they could orgasm from intercourse alone."
Denise says in her experience as a sex terapist men prefer a woman to have an orgasm. "Men need to know that some women don't orgasm at all or hardly ever, and it's not the be-all-and-end-all for them. The important bit is being close and feeling special."

Tip 7: It's good to talk

Some couples find it embrassing to talk about what they want. It can seem cringe-worthy, but good sex does rely on good communication.
Men can maybe try two techniques and ask which his partner prefers.
Experts say to tune-in to female clues like moaning, grunting and sighing.
Some people like dirty talk during sex. Some find it off-putting or laughable.
It can be a good idea for men not to talk about sex when they're actually doing it, Naomi says. "Ask you partner what she really likes doing in bed; discuss her fantasies and try to incorporate them into your love-making."
Denise says: "Sex tastes change. Just because a woman liked sex in a particular way 10 years ago doesn't mean she likes it that way now, or wouldn't mind trying something different."
She says: "You have to tell each other what you want in bed," and if you get embarrassed, consider seeking expert advice.

Tip 8: Understanding the clitoris

Most men are clued up enough to realise the importance of the clitoris, but many don't know how to go about touching it.
The majority of women need some clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm.
For many women the little 'button' is too sensitive to touch and men are better off using pressure or vibration that stimulates the clitoris through other areas of the vulva.
Tracey, author of Hot Sex and The Sex Doctor says: "This is all extremely good news. It means rather than one tiny area, there's lots of her you can stimulate - either directly or indirectly."

Tip 9: It's not all about the penis

Penetration may not always be the most satisfying form of sex for a woman.
Once again it's down to communication, finding out what your partner likes and learning the best way to please her.


1. Get in the (erogenous) zone

“Never underestimate the power of a few well-placed kisses. It drives me crazy when my boyfriend starts kissing the nape of my neck and gently nibbling on my ear lobe—I get tingles all the way down to clitoris. After a few minutes I’m literally begging him to just put it in.”
Tess, 27

2. Talk dirty

“You don’t have to save all the naughty stuff for the bedroom. If you’re out at a fancy dinner, tell your girl how badly you want her across the table. If you’re at a bar, put your hand on her ass and tell her the things you’ll do to her when you get home. Telling women how desirable they are will give them the confidence to act out all your dirty fantasies later.”
Marianna, 31

3. Be a boob man

“It drives me insane when my boyfriend takes the time to pay attention to my boobs. I don’t just mean grabbing, I mean kissing and licking until my nipples are hard and then giving them little bites. By that time I’m usually so wet that just a little fingering will make me cum—and the times he’s bitten down while his hand is down there I’ve had the most mind-blowing orgasms ever.”
Laine, 27

4. Touch yourself

“I know it may sound strange, but watching my boyfriend get himself off is such a turn on. I’ll start by lying down naked next him, my body against his, and play with his member until he gets hard. Then I put his hand down there and just rub my body against him and watch. I think it makes me so hot 'cause it’s kind of taboo, something he would do in private, but I also like actually seeing how much I turn him on.”
Leslie, 25

5. Let her take charge

When my fiancé and I are doing it missionary I usually feel as if I’m on the brink of coming and it makes me go totally wild. I’ll push him back so I can get on top, place my arms on his to hold them down, and just ride him hard until I cum—and keeping eye contact the whole time makes it extra intense. So my note to guys is, there’s nothing wrong with lying back and just enjoying the view.”
Brooke, 24

6. Get wet

“Everyone talks about shower sex, but on nights when it’s cold out or on a lazy Sunday draw a bath and get in together. Since you’re both in the water you don’t have to worry about the water flying in your face or one of you getting cold. Adding bubbles is a nice touch, too. Since some of your body is hidden, it helps with loosening inhibitions.”
Julie, 29

7. Women like porn, too

“It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then when my husband and I are feeling especially frisky we’ll put some porn on. We’ll take turn getting on our knees and going down on each other while the other sits on the couch and the finish by going at it doggy style.”
—Nikola, 30

8. Doggy style 2.0

“My favorite sex position is when I lie down on the bed and a guy takes me from behind. Keeping a steady rhythm and grabbing my ass real tight will usually end with us coming at the same time and pretty quickly—it’s that good.”
Frieda, 23 

9. Find the spot

“If a guy is going down on me I love when they take time to kind of ‘explore’ what’s going down there instead of just incessantly rubbing or poking. Gently licking my clit and then slowly rubbing it until I orgasm is just so intense, and it makes me feel like my partner cares about making me get off.”
Chloe, 26

10. Dirty spooning

“I love waking up after a good night’s rest with my boyfriend spooning—and being able to feel how hard he is. Instead of just acting like neither of us notices, I love when he gently grabs my thigh and starts touching me down there. When he puts it in, the nice, tight fit from that angle makes it feel incredible for both us.”
Yana, 25

11. Set her fantasies in motion

“There have been a few times during sex where I’ve admitted to my boyfriend that I want him to tie my hands up one night and just take me. I’m a little too shy to actually instigate it, though, like to actually buy handcuffs or rope ahead of time. Then one night as we were about to get it on my boyfriend reached in the bedside table and told me he had a surprise for me—and brought out two silk scarves to tie my hands with. The fact that he got my fantasy ready-to-go was as amazing as the experience actually felt.”
—Katie, 28 

12. Don’t get comfortable

“Some of the hottest sex my husband and I have is right when we get home from work. There’s something incredibly hot about him propping me up on his lap on the couch while we’re both still in our work clothes. So I’d tell guys not to bother with the undressing. Just pull your girl’s stockings down, unzip your pants and do it. Getting dirty while you’re still in that office—mind frame and outfit kind of makes you feel like you're in your own porn movie.”
Paulina, 32

13. Open the toy chest

“I love a man who isn’t intimidated by sex toys. If you know your girl has some, ask her to bring them out and let you be the one to pleasure her with them. For me, since I usually use my vibrator alone and on myself, it feels like I’m letting a guy in on naughty little secret when I let him be the one to tease me with it. And of course, nothing actually feels better than the last minute of substituting the toy for the real thing.”
Adri, 24

14. 69 redux

“I feel like the 69 position gets called out a lot for be ‘outdated,’ (and it definitely isn’t!), but why not switch it up a bit? I love when a guy straddles me so that his member is right against my mouth and I can give him a blowjob from that angle or stick out my tongue and have him tap his stuff against it…it really is a turn on for both us.”
Jenna, 29

15. Brave the elements

“Everyone talks about taking sex al fresco in the summer, but it’s actually so hot and sticky then and do you want to spend half the time batting away mosquitos? I much prefer going on an autumn hike, working up a little sweat, and then having a quickie out in the elements. The feel of cold air against your skin is honestly exhilarating—and even more spontaneous than just getting it on at the beach after dark.”
Demi, 26

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ADVERT Escort69 Almaty and Astana ADVERT

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Almaty Escorts. Astana escort models agency. Kazakhstan call girls. Few things will get you ready to satisfy women quite like getting in regular exercise each day, says Matthew N. Simmons, MD, PhD, of the Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute in Cleveland. “Even as little as 15 minutes of exercise daily will improve self-esteem, self-image, and libido,” he says. “Exercise makes the physical aspects of sex more enjoyable. Furthermore, making exercise a habit promotes cardiovascular health, which is necessary for normal erectile function.”

Almaty escort service blog #11

1. Talk about sex. As time passes in a relationship, it’s easy to get into a rut and just go through the motions, rather than express what you really want (and need) in bed. Sex therapist Williams Lucena, FMD, says it’s time to break this cycle with some frank talk. “Ask each other, ‘What do I need in bed from you?’” he suggests. “Get back to the communication you used to have.” 2. Eat healthy. This
doesn’t sound like a sex tip, but treating your body right with good nutrition helps the whole body, including your libido, says Debbie Mandel, a stress management expert and author of Addicted to Stress. “Eat healthy foods to reduce cholesterol and keep your cardiovascular system humming,” she adds. “This will ensure that circulation is at peak performance for the ‘southern hemisphere.’” 3. Do your household chores. Want to put your wife in the mood for better sex? “Help around the house,” says Mandel. “The best foreplay happens outside the bedroom. By helping with chores and errands, you make them feel valued.” 4. Exercise. Few things will get you ready to satisfy women quite like getting in regular exercise each day, says Matthew N. Simmons, MD, PhD, of the Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute in Cleveland. “Even as little as 15 minutes of exercise daily will improve self-esteem, self-image, and libido,” he says. “Exercise makes the physical aspects of sex more enjoyable. Furthermore, making exercise a habit promotes cardiovascular health, which is necessary for normal erectile function.” 5. But don’t overdo it. Too much exercise can have the opposite effect, says Pete McCall, MS, an exercise physiologist with the American Council on Exercise. “Being in an overtraining state produces general feelings of fatigue and low energy and can disrupt sleep patterns and change mood,” he says. “This is hardly a good combination for wooing a romantic partner.” 6. In fact, work out together. If exercise is good, then exercising with your lover is an even better sex tip, says Mandel. “Working out together ensures that both libidos and endorphins will be up,” she says. “Since you’re both already sweating, take it to the next level. Stretching together is also a good idea.” 7. Abstain a bit. Abstinence as a sex tip? Believe it or not, it’s a surefire way to improve sex and make your next encounter with your lover even more exciting. “Practice abstinence for a couple of days, a weekend, or a week,” says Mandel. “Abstinence does make the heart grow fonder and makes you lust after forbidden fruit.” Related: 5 Exercises Men Can Do to Improve Their Sex Life 8. Plan for sex. It may not sound that romantic, but Dr. Simmons says it’s a great way to improve your sex life and satisfy women. Construct a plan for having sex, he suggests:
“Setting aside time or arranging opportunities for sex is very important, especially for busy couples or those with children. Don’t let the frequency of sex dwindle due to fatigue or the inability to find the ‘right time.’” 9. Make use of technology. Want to keep her in the mood for sex later that night while you’re stuck at the office? Use your cell phone or e-mail. “Send her sexy messages throughout the day,” advises Mandel. 10. Compliment her body. Want a foolproof way to drive her wild and ensure better sex? “Find a particular feature, and tell her that she is the best in this class,” says Mandel. 11. Focus on relaxation. Men like to get excited for better sex, but women are more likely to get in the mood through relaxation. “Wash her hair in the shower or massage her scalp to relax her,” says Debbie Mandel, a stress management expert and author of Addicted to Stress. “A woman needs to be relaxed before she is ready to receive.” 12. Foreplay. Regardless of how you get revved up for better sex, Matthew N. Simmons, MD, PhD, of the Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute in Cleveland, suggests not skimping on the foreplay — no matter how long you have been together as a couple. “Foreplay contributes greatly to stronger orgasms and improved sex,” he says. “Gearing up your autonomic nervous system will increase sensitivity, excitement, and strength of orgasm. Your patience and attentiveness will pay dividends.” 13. Think like a woman. Natalie Bencivenga, co-founder, editor, and writer of, advises thinking like a woman. “To think like a woman in bed, you don’t have to be one,” she says. “Give attention to some of her most neglected areas, like her neck, her feet, her inner thighs. Tease her mercilessly. Make her want it. You will be surprised what a build-up will bring!” 14. Let her take the lead. Men so often take the lead in bed. Sometimes, the key to better sex is letting her be in charge. “Don’t be afraid to let your mate lead,” says Joyce Morley, EdD, a licensed counselor in Decatur, Ga. “Allow your mate to initiate sexual pleasure on occasions, as well as taking the top position.” 15. Don’t overlook lubricant. According to Bencivenga, there’s no shame in using lubricant to satisfy women. “Many guys think that since women get wet, if we aren’t wet, then we aren’t into it,” she says. “That’s not true. Sometimes, whether it’s stress, certain times of the month, or fatigue, women can have a hard time getting physically aroused even when they are mentally in the game. Lubricant in the bedside drawer is your new best friend.” 16. Switch things up. If you’re experiencing a case of the “same-old, same-old,” working on adding a little variety is the key to better sex, says Simmons. “Spice things up by
planning and discussing variations on your usual sexual habits,” he explains. “Lingerie, toys, new positions, and other creative additions can enhance intimacy and orgasm.” 17. Change the location. Another way to add variety and improve sex life, suggests Mandel, is to try someplace new. “Do it in different places to experience a different energy,” she says. “Take it outdoors if you are overwhelmed with technology and want to get back your natural rhythm.” 18. Make love instead. Does it feel lately like it’s just sex? “Try making love,” advises Dr. Morley. “You make love with that special someone, but you have sex with anybody.” Related: The History of Smooching 19. Use touch even without sex. Even when you’re not having sex, you can still improve your sex life by using touch in an intimate, but not sexual, way. “Touching is important, but doesn’t always mean sex,” says Morley. “It is important to be intimate with your mate by touching her with love and affection on a daily basis. Kiss daily, and don’t be afraid to allow her to reciprocate.” 20. Practice self-care. “Take good care of your penis,” says Dr. Simmons. “Penile injury is usually sustained when your partner is on top or when the penis buckles from missed penetration. If things are getting out of hand, ask your partner to ease up. If you suspect a penile fracture due to a perceived ‘pop’ followed by bruising, see a urologist immediately.”

Erotic Almaty newsblog #8

1. Real talk: Roughly 70 percent of women need more clitoral stimulation to O during sex — so reach down and touch yourself during the deed! You feel in control of your O, and he's super turned on. Win-win. 2. For a twist on missionary, lie on your back, and lift your legs up and over to one side as he enters you. Raising your legs makes you supertight, and the angle of your hips means he'll hit spots that rarely get TLC. 3. Get him to skip the in-and-out thrusts and, uh, stir with his penis instead. He'll stimulate every inch of you (motion of the ocean and all that…). 4. Sit on the edge of the washing machine, and wrap your legs around his waist as he enters you. Helpful hint: The cotton cycle provides the strongest vibrations. 5. In reverse-cowgirl, lean back (instead of forward toward his feet). It's a primo G-spot angle for you and the illusion of a Kardashi-ass for him. 6. The no. 1 rule for a great blow job: Use your mouth (obvs!) and your hands. Take the head in your mouth, and lick and swirl like you would a soft-serve cone. Mean while, use your hands to grip, squeeze, and stroke the length of his penis. Don't keep up the same motion — variety of sensation is key! 7. Instead of pleasing each other simultaneously during 69 (so hard to focus!), take turns. One person goes to town, while the other groans and moans about how good it feels. 8. While he's giving you oral, have him insert a finger or two and stroke your G-spot with a come-hither motion. Internal and external stimulation boosts your orgasm chances. 9.
Lube up! (Both you and your partner, before and/or during The Naughty.) Almost 50 percent of women say lube makes it easier to orgasm. And forget the myth that it's only for older women — all the cool kids are doing it! 10. If you have no clue whether your partner's dirty-talk meter is set to "a little naughty" or "downright filthy," do a sneaky little test. Ask, "What would you like me to do to you? Details, please." And see what words he uses and how risqué he's willing to get. Then follow his lead. 11. Usually get oral with your legs spread? Intensify your O by stretching your legs straight out, stimulating the pelvic muscles you use to climax. It's a crazy-good new sensation. 12. Gently hold his face still, tell him to stop moving, and let him simply receive your kisses for a minute. That way, whether you like it slow or hot and heavy, he'll know how to kiss you back. 13. Vintage Cosmo Tip, June 1972: "All women should try for a little more variety … a little more shock value. put on a wig. or greet your man at the door with a martini in your hand and nothing on but high heels."

Escorts agency news #9

Giving her an opportunity to miss something you are missing is not necessarily juvenile if you're not playing tit-for-tat games, however she may not miss oral sex at all. Sexual activity preferences and willingness do change over time; how a couple handle this is crucial to determining whether it leads to a decline or an enriching of your love lives. Discussions about sex ideally need to happen when you're feeling close, not too tired and not on the verge of having sex or immediately afterwards. It's important that you talk about your own yearnings so you avoid pointless "Yes I have" "No you haven't" arguments or the feeling of being criticised. Try something along the lines of: "I need to talk to you about our sex life because I'm struggling a bit. I still love you deeply, I'm pleased that we still have sex, given all the challenges of two kids, but I'm missing the excitement of variety. Are you willing to join me in considering how we can create the conditions for us to still have time to play and experiment sexually? Can we talk some time soon about what we're each open to trying at this point in our lives and what we each enjoy?" Keep in mind that vanilla is not bad for some people. But becoming stale can certainly impact on precious sexual energy, so it's useful from time to time to have such a review – as long as both of you sign up for it so no one feels coerced. Aim for both of you to be considerate of each other's taste and willing to give in the interests of maintaining an ongoing passionate, tender dance of intimacy. We’ve all been there. You’re gearing up for an afternoon delight, but with the
lights on and the sun shining, you find your mind racing instead of your heart. If sex has you worried about why your (insert body part here) looks so (insert unkind self-criticism here), you’ve got a lot of company, finds a recent study. Researchers questioned men and women in long-term relationships about whether they get distracted by their own body parts during sex. Participants were also asked how they thought their partners viewed their bodies. No big shocker here: Both men and women were distracted by negative thoughts about their own bodies, with women frequently citing their breasts and bellies. What is surprising—and let’s be real, pretty sad—is that women’s sexual satisfaction was also inhibited by worry about what her partner thinks about her body. “Focusing your attention on negative feelings about your body diminishes your ability to enjoy sex,” says lead study author Patricia Pascoal, a sex therapist and PhD candidate at the University of Lisbon. In other words, while you’re busy sucking in your tummy, you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect with your partner. It’s also important to remember that just because you think your partner is critical of your body doesn’t mean he is, she says. “Communication is key.” “At any age and with whatever body you have, you have the potential for pleasure as long as you open yourself to that,” says Debby Herbenick, PhD, research scientist at Indiana University and author of Sex Made Easy. Here, five ways to get out of your own head, and into the sack—even with the lights on. 1. Give yourself a reality check. Even Cindy Crawford famously said she wished she looked like the Cindy Crawford on magazine covers. “We are surrounded by images that are not real women,” says Herbenick. “If you catch yourself thinking ‘I wish I looked like that,’ remind yourself that she doesn’t look like that either.” 2. Do some sweat prep. “Thin isn’t everyone’s ideal,” says Herbenick. “A lot of people feel attractive when they’re flexible enough to get in a certain position or when they feel strong or fit.” Exercise to feel good—whatever that means to you—and you’ll feel better about how you look in any situation.
(Time to get busy: Four workouts that can improve your love life.) 3. Put matter over mind. “Remember that the mind is the biggest sex organ,” says Herbenick. “When your mind strays, focusing on how your partner’s hair smells or how the sheets feel against your skin can help keep your mind in the present moment.” Keeping yourself in the moment also has the happy benefit of enhancing arousal and making orgasm easier, says Herbenick. 4. Set the scene. You wouldn’t throw a dinner party without setting the table, so do whatever it takes for you to feel a little sexier. Even the sight of a neatly made bed—with the pillows actually on the bed and not heaped on the floor next to it—can do wonders. And don’t forget candlelight. A little clichéd, perhaps, but having candlelight in your boudoir will cast a sexy—and flattering—glow, says Herbenick. 5. Dress the part. Batman’s not so brave without his bat suit, so take a page from the caped crusader and arm yourself with some gorgeous undergarments. “Wearing lingerie can make women feel super-sexy and help overcome worries about perceived body flaws,” says Herbenick. There’s nothing like a little lace to give a gal some gusto.

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